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Silk information

Who doesn’t like silk? This wonderful soft and smooth fabric is a natural product, coming from the silkworm. It is made of the threads of which the silkworm spins a cocoon.


Properties of silk

Silk is very suitable for clothing and bed linen because it is temperature regulating. This means that with hot weather the silk feels cool and with cold weather silk provides warmth. Furthermore, silk is smooth, shiny, fire-resistant and capable of absorbing a lot of moisture without feeling wet. These properties make silk a wonderful fabric and is highly sought after for centuries.

Quality of silk

The quality of silk is calculated according to the weight of a specific dimension of the fabric. This provides a value which is indicated in momme (mm). The heavier the silk, the higher the quality and the higher the momme value. For clothing is often used silk with a momme between 8 and 12.

Washing instructions

Silk is dirt repellent and therefore it is not needed to wash it a lot. It provides a natural freshness if you air it well. If you do want to wash silk, it is important to know how you can do best.

What should you do?

  • Hand wash at 30 degrees with a fine detergent (liquid, suitable for silk) and rinse with lukewarm water.
  • If the washing machine has a special silk program you can use the washing machine. It is always important to wash silk separately, and let silk centrifuge to a maximum of 400 rpm.
  • Hang out to dry.
  • If the silk is still slightly moist it can be ironed inside out. Usually this is the one point of the iron.

What shouldn’t you do?

  • Never leave silk soaking.
  • Do not use washing powder, but a fine liquid laundry detergent suitable for silk.
  • Do not dry in the sun, radiator or tumble.
  • Avoid chemical cleaners and / or bleach.
  • Don’t scrub or wring silk.



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