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Size chart laptop/tablet sleeves

Misstella would like to help you with finding a sleeve/bag in the right size for your laptop and/or tablet. On this page we offer tools for you to find the right size on our website.

Laptops and tablets come in different screen sizes. The screen size is given in inches (") and/or centimeters (cm); 1 inch (also written as 1") is equal to 2,54 cm. If you are uncertain of your laptop or tablet size, you could measure your tablet or laptop. Make sure you also measure the edge around the screen!

You should measure your laptop/tablet diagonally, from the bottom left to the upper right, as shown below.

After measuring your laptop/tablet, check the size chart below for the right size:

Diagonal laptop/tablet (cm) Diagonal laptop/tablet (inch)
25,40 cm 10 inch
27,94 cm 11 inch
30,48 cm 12 inch
33,02 cm 13 inch
35,56 cm 14 inch
38,10 cm 15 inch
40,64 cm 16 inch
43,18 cm 17 inch
45,72 cm 18 inch
48,26 cm 19 inch
50,80 cm 20 inch

When you have determined the size in inches of your laptop/tablet, go to the laptop sleeve or tablet sleeve page to choose a sleeve/bag in your desired print/color. If you click on an item, you will see the exact size of the sleeve below at the product details.




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